Various photos taken at the dive site off Cancun/Isla Mujeres of Manchones. Lots of fish, and a school of Midnight parrotfish. Good sponges and coral. A shallow dive, but easy dive. Though there were a lot of sand particles in the water while I was there, and fairly heavy surge that had you moving back and forth. Was a worthwhile dive though.

dscf8248_small.jpg flamingotongue5_small.jpg dscf8250_small.jpg dscf8251_small.jpg
coolmacrostuff_small.jpg dscf8253_small.jpg dscf8254_small.jpg dscf8255_small.jpg
dscf8257_small.jpg dscf8258_small.jpg dscf8259_small.jpg statue_small.jpg
dscf8261_small.jpg fansofmine_small.jpg dscf8263_small.jpg dscf8264_small.jpg
dscf8265_small.jpg dscf8266_small.jpg dscf8267_small.jpg dscf8268_small.jpg
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