I went scuba diving with Scorpio Divers in Cancun and we visited the main wreck that Cancun offers, which is broken in two pieces. We also visited a sight called Tunnels. I would recommend either dive. There was one Eagle Ray at the main part of the wreck, and a school of Eagle Rays at the front part of the wreck. It might be worth a single dive just to the front part of the wreck just to watch the Eagle Rays.

dscf8451_small.jpg dscf8452_small.jpg dscf8453_small.jpg dscf8454_small.jpg
dscf8455_small.jpg dscf8456_small.jpg dscf8457_small.jpg dscf8458_small.jpg
dscf8459_small.jpg eagleray_small.jpg dscf8461_small.jpg dscf8462_small.jpg
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