Various Scuba diving photos taken in Curacao at Snake Bay and Blue Bay Gardens. Beautiful sites with lots of great macro life, eels, sponges, colors, etc.

dscf6728_small.jpg spotteddrum_small.jpg parrotfish_small.jpg dscf6731_small.jpg
dscf6732_small.jpg spottedmoray_small.jpg dscf6734_small.jpg dscf6735_small.jpg
dscf6736_small.jpg dscf6737_small.jpg trumpetfish_small.jpg spotteddrum2_small.jpg
dscf6740_small.jpg dscf6742_small.jpg dscf6743_small.jpg dscf6744_small.jpg
bandedshrimp_small.jpg dscf6746_small.jpg dscf6747_small.jpg dscf6748_small.jpg
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