Scuba Diving photos from Curacao at dive sites: East End, Klein Curacao, and a night dive at Tugboat.

Generally all were good sites, and I highly recommend Curacao diving.

flamingotongue_small.jpg flamingotongue2_small.jpg flamingotongue3_small.jpg dscf6849_small.jpg
dscf6850_small.jpg dscf6851_small.jpg dscf6852_small.jpg dscf6853_small.jpg
dscf6854_small.jpg dscf6855_small.jpg dscf6856_small.jpg pipefish_small.jpg
pipefish2_small.jpg bandedshrimp_small.jpg dscf6860_small.jpg dscf6861_small.jpg
dscf6862_small.jpg dscf6863_small.jpg dscf6864_small.jpg dscf6865_small.jpg
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