Photos taken while scuba diving in Curacao at the Mushroom Forest, Porto Mari, and the Breezes house reef. (Going south/east) Also a few squid photos taken while doing the surface interval after the Mushroom Forest.

dscf7134_small.jpg dscf7135_small.jpg dscf7136_small.jpg bandedshrimp2_small.jpg
dscf7152_small.jpg dscf7153_small.jpg dscf7154_small.jpg dscf7155_small.jpg
dscf7156_small.jpg dscf7157_small.jpg dscf7158_small.jpg morayinhiding_small.jpg
imseeingspots_small.jpg spotteddrum3_small.jpg dscf7162_small.jpg dscf7163_small.jpg
dscf7164_small.jpg dscf7165_small.jpg dscf7166_small.jpg dscf7167_small.jpg
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