Photos taken in and around the Iberostar Cozumel from December 2009. I'd highly recommend the Iberostar. It was a nice place to stay, good food, decent accomodations. The only bad thing to say about the rooms is that they seemed very damp, and there wasn't a dresser to put clothing. But there was a mini fridge filled with drinks, and the bathroom was nice. (Though the shower drained a bit slow) But definitely would go back!

Oh, Dressel Divers was running major cattle boats when we were there. It was mass confusion a couple of days, but not quite as bad the others. I'm not sure if I would use them again. Maybe only for the convenience of having a shop on-site, but that's about it. And even then I'd have to think twice, three times, and probably a 4th or 5th time.

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