Various photos taken in Kauai on October 11th, 2008. The scuba photos were taken at the Koloa Landing dive site. We did a shore dive on both the left and right sides. The visibility wasn't fantastic in some areas, but there were a lot of great things to see. Also there are some sunset photos, and some photos of the famous, Spouting Horn!

dscf4451_small.jpg dscf4452_small.jpg dscf4453_small.jpg dscf4454_small.jpg
dscf4455_small.jpg dscf4456_small.jpg dscf4457_small.jpg dscf4459_small.jpg
dscf4460_small.jpg dscf4461_small.jpg dscf4462_small.jpg dscf4463_small.jpg
dscf4464_small.jpg dscf4465_small.jpg dscf4466_small.jpg dscf4467_small.jpg
dscf4468_small.jpg dscf4469_small.jpg dscf4470_small.jpg dscf4471_small.jpg
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