We went on a Helicopter flight the afternoon of May 5th with Pete as our pilot. So lots of pictures of the canyons and places he took us. Also, a few pictures from around Lahaina the next day. On a side note, we were in one of the choppers used in the TV series, Maui Chopper. A cool show if you can find it playing again.

dscf6054_small.jpg dscf6055_small.jpg dscf6056_small.jpg helicopter_small.jpg
dscf6058_small.jpg dscf6059_small.jpg dscf6060_small.jpg dscf6061_small.jpg
dscf6062_small.jpg dscf6063_small.jpg dscf6064_small.jpg dscf6065_small.jpg
dscf6066_small.jpg dscf6067_small.jpg dscf6068_small.jpg dscf6069_small.jpg
dscf6070_small.jpg dscf6071_small.jpg dscf6072_small.jpg dscf6073_small.jpg
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