Various photos I took at the Surfing Goat Dairy in Maui. Also photos of the Twin Falls and some other areas on the east side of Maui. The last few pics are of a Hawk sitting on the fence outside my house on the 7th of June 20009.

dscf6334_small.jpg dscf6335_small.jpg dscf6336_small.jpg dscf6337_small.jpg
dscf6338_small.jpg dscf6339_small.jpg dscf6340_small.jpg dscf6341_small.jpg
dscf6342_small.jpg dscf6343_small.jpg dscf6344_small.jpg dscf6345_small.jpg
dscf6346_small.jpg dscf6347_small.jpg dscf6348_small.jpg dscf6349_small.jpg
dscf6350_small.jpg dscf6351_small.jpg dscf6352_small.jpg dscf6353_small.jpg
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