Pictures from a wreck dive and reef dive in Puerto Morelos. Pictures taken on the 17th of December, 2009. I went diving with Scorpio Divers, based out of Cancun.

dscf8670_small.jpg dscf8672_small.jpg dscf8673_small.jpg dscf8674_small.jpg
dscf8675_small.jpg dscf8676_small.jpg dscf8677_small.jpg biggun_small.jpg
eagleray4_small.jpg eagleray5_small.jpg biggun2_small.jpg jorge_small.jpg
dscf8684_small.jpg dscf8685_small.jpg dscf8686_small.jpg dscf8687_small.jpg
dscf8688_small.jpg southernstingray_small.jpg southernstingray2_small.jpg dscf8691_small.jpg
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