I was scuba diving in Cozumel at Maricaibo and Columbia Shallows and these are the pics. We actually missed the true Maricaibo site and floated over grass to the southeast side of the island instead of staying on the southwest!

dscf8005_small.jpg dscf8006_small.jpg dscf8007_small.jpg dscf8008_small.jpg
dscf8009_small.jpg dscf8010_small.jpg dscf8011_small.jpg dscf8012_small.jpg
dscf8013_small.jpg dscf8014_small.jpg dscf8015_small.jpg dscf8016_small.jpg
dscf8017_small.jpg dscf8018_small.jpg dscf8019_small.jpg dscf8020_small.jpg
dscf8021_small.jpg dscf8022_small.jpg dscf8023_small.jpg dscf8024_small.jpg
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