Scuba diving photos taken while diving in Cozumel at Punta Sur and Paso Del Cedral Reef. Punta Sur is lots of great swim throughs, and we saw a few Eagle Rays at Paso Del Cedral, which was very nice.

dscf8117_small.jpg dscf8118_small.jpg dscf8119_small.jpg dscf8120_small.jpg
dscf8121_small.jpg dscf8122_small.jpg dscf8123_small.jpg dscf8124_small.jpg
dscf8125_small.jpg dscf8126_small.jpg dscf8127_small.jpg dscf8128_small.jpg
dscf8129_small.jpg dscf8130_small.jpg dscf8131_small.jpg dscf8132_small.jpg
dscf8133_small.jpg dscf8134_small.jpg dscf8135_small.jpg dscf8136_small.jpg
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