Scuba Photos from Tobago taken on 10 Feb, 2008. Dive sites for the pics were Mt. Irvine Fingers and Mt. Irvine Shallows. I enjoyed both sites, as both reefs were very colorful and the sponges were HUGE!

dscf2070_small.jpg dscf2071_small.jpg dscf2072_small.jpg dscf2073_small.jpg
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dscf2078_small.jpg dscf2079_small.jpg dscf2080_small.jpg dscf2081_small.jpg
dscf2082_small.jpg dscf2083_small.jpg dscf2084_small.jpg dscf2085_small.jpg
dscf2086_small.jpg dscf2087_small.jpg dscf2088_small.jpg dscf2089_small.jpg
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