A few pictures of Sandy Point Beach Club in Tobago, and also dive photos from the dive sites of Flying Reef, and Flying Reef Extension. Both were good dives, and I even found 5 scorpion fish on the 2nd dive!

dscf2393_small.jpg dscf2394_small.jpg dscf2395_small.jpg dscf2396_small.jpg
dscf2397_small.jpg dscf2398_small.jpg dscf2399_small.jpg dscf2400_small.jpg
dscf2401_small.jpg dscf2402_small.jpg dscf2403_small.jpg dscf2404_small.jpg
dscf2405_small.jpg dscf2406_small.jpg dscf2407_small.jpg dscf2408_small.jpg
dscf2409_small.jpg dscf2410_small.jpg dscf2411_small.jpg dscf2412_small.jpg
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