Pictures of the trip to and from Speyside from Sandy Point, with a few of our room at the Sandy Point Beach Club. Also dive photos of the Speyside dive sites of Black Jack Hole and Cathedral. Both were good dives.

dscf2554_small.jpg dscf2555_small.jpg dscf2556_small.jpg dscf2557_small.jpg
dscf2558_small.jpg dscf2559_small.jpg dscf2560_small.jpg dscf2561_small.jpg
dscf2563_small.jpg dscf2565_small.jpg dscf2566_small.jpg dscf2567_small.jpg
dscf2568_small.jpg dscf2569_small.jpg dscf2570_small.jpg dscf2571_small.jpg
dscf2572_small.jpg dscf2573_small.jpg dscf2574_small.jpg dscf2575_small.jpg
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