Here are scuba photos I took while diving in Utila in May of 2008. These photos are from the dive sites: Blackish Point, Airport Lounge, and Little Bight

dscf2851_small.jpg dscf2852_small.jpg dscf2853_small.jpg dscf2854_small.jpg
dscf2855_small.jpg dscf2856_small.jpg dscf2857_small.jpg dscf2858_small.jpg
dscf2859_small.jpg dscf2860_small.jpg dscf2861_small.jpg dscf2862_small.jpg
dscf2863_small.jpg dscf2864_small.jpg dscf2865_small.jpg dscf2866_small.jpg
dscf2867_small.jpg dscf2868_small.jpg dscf2869_small.jpg dscf2870_small.jpg

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