Here are some photos of the Mango Inn where I stayed in Utila, as well as scuba photos from the dive sites: Spotted Bay, Madeline, and Black Coral Wall. Black Coral wall was my favorite site of the day.

dscf3073_small.jpg dscf3074_small.jpg dscf3075_small.jpg dscf3076_small.jpg
dscf3077_small.jpg dscf3078_small.jpg dscf3079_small.jpg dscf3080_small.jpg
dscf3081_small.jpg dscf3083_small.jpg dscf3084_small.jpg dscf3085_small.jpg
dscf3086_small.jpg dscf3087_small.jpg dscf3088_small.jpg dscf3089_small.jpg
dscf3090_small.jpg dscf3091_small.jpg dscf3092_small.jpg dscf3093_small.jpg
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