Scuba diving photos taken on 5 May, 2008 in Utila. These were from dive sites: CJ's Drop Off, Jocelyn's, and Andy's Point West. All three were enjoyable dives, with Andy's Point West maybe getting a slight edge.

dscf3190_small.jpg dscf3191_small.jpg dscf3192_small.jpg dscf3193_small.jpg
dscf3194_small.jpg dscf3195_small.jpg dscf3196_small.jpg dscf3197_small.jpg
dscf3198_small.jpg dscf3199_small.jpg dscf3200_small.jpg dscf3201_small.jpg
dscf3202_small.jpg dscf3203_small.jpg dscf3204_small.jpg dscf3205_small.jpg
dscf3206_small.jpg dscf3207_small.jpg dscf3208_small.jpg dscf3209_small.jpg
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