Scuba diving photos from Utila, taken 6 May of 2008. These are from dive sites: Puddy Waters, Rocky Point (west), Little Bight. The first 2 dives were very nice, the 3rd was ok because of the seahorses, but not a lot else to see on that dive.

dscf3294_small.jpg dscf3295_small.jpg dscf3296_small.jpg dscf3297_small.jpg
dscf3298_small.jpg dscf3299_small.jpg dscf3300_small.jpg dscf3301_small.jpg
dscf3302_small.jpg dscf3303_small.jpg dscf3304_small.jpg dscf3305_small.jpg
dscf3306_small.jpg dscf3307_small.jpg dscf3308_small.jpg dscf3309_small.jpg
dscf3310_small.jpg dscf3311_small.jpg dscf3312_small.jpg dscf3313_small.jpg
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