Scuba diving photos from dives I did in Utila on the 7th of May, 2008. These are from dive sites Blackish Point, Outer Lighthouse, Jack Neil Point, and a night dive at Black Coral Wall. Midnight Parrotfish hang out at Blackish Point, so it's always a good dive. It was the 2nd time I did that dive this week.

dscf3352_small.jpg dscf3353_small.jpg dscf3354_small.jpg dscf3355_small.jpg
dscf3356_small.jpg dscf3357_small.jpg dscf3358_small.jpg dscf3359_small.jpg
dscf3360_small.jpg dscf3361_small.jpg dscf3362_small.jpg dscf3363_small.jpg
dscf3364_small.jpg dscf3365_small.jpg dscf3367_small.jpg dscf3368_small.jpg
dscf3369_small.jpg dscf3370_small.jpg dscf3371_small.jpg dscf3372_small.jpg
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