Dolphin and Scuba photos from scuba diving in Utila on the 8 May, 2008. These pics are from the dive sites: Pinnacle, Airport Caves, and Little Little Bight. The corals at Little Little bight were not as nice as on other dives, but not too bad. Pinnacle has a swim thru to 120 feet, and lots of pinnacles of coral.

dscf3437_small.jpg dscf3438_small.jpg dscf3439_small.jpg dscf3440_small.jpg
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dscf3445_small.jpg dscf3446_small.jpg dscf3447_small.jpg dscf3448_small.jpg
dscf3449_small.jpg dscf3450_small.jpg dscf3451_small.jpg dscf3452_small.jpg
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