Various photos of Willemstad. Most pictures are the tourist areas, the harbor, the floating bridge, and the tall bridge that cruise ships can go under. Also pics of the produce and fish market.

dscf7260_small.jpg dscf7261_small.jpg dscf7262_small.jpg dscf7263_small.jpg
dscf7264_small.jpg dscf7265_small.jpg dscf7266_small.jpg dscf7267_small.jpg
dscf7268_small.jpg dscf7269_small.jpg dscf7270_small.jpg dscf7271_small.jpg
dscf7272_small.jpg dscf7273_small.jpg dscf7274_small.jpg dscf7275_small.jpg
dscf7276_small.jpg dscf7277_small.jpg dscf7278_small.jpg dscf7279_small.jpg
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