These photos are of the Villas Sol Resort in the Playa Hermosa area of Costa Rica. It was a pretty decent resort with some great views.

dscf1138_small.jpg dscf1140_small.jpg dscf1141_small.jpg dscf1142_small.jpg
dscf1143_small.jpg dscf1144_small.jpg dscf1145_small.jpg dscf1146_small.jpg
dscf1148_small.jpg dscf1150_small.jpg dscf1152_small.jpg dscf1154_small.jpg
dscf1156_small.jpg dscf1158_small.jpg dscf1159_small.jpg dscf1160_small.jpg
dscf1161_small.jpg dscf1162_small.jpg dscf1164_small.jpg dscf1165_small.jpg
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